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wildcat_chat's Journal

Wildcat Chat-An HSM Discussion Group
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A place to talk about High School Musical
As of April 27, 2009: This community and its members assumes you have seen the first three movies so any spoilers for those will not be behind cuts or preceded by a cut. Any spoilers for HSM4 will be put behind cuts until further notice.

erikssiren, candidlily and hannah_sheree

Welcome to wildcat_chat, a group for discussing the High School Musical movies. You can talk about anything you want about the movie: characters, choreography, sets, costumes, goofs, the concert, etc. Just as long as it has to do with High School Musical!

Just a few to keep the chaos in order.

1. No rude behavior!

Be kind to those who are posting and respect their opinions. If you cause trouble, you'll be kicked out.

2. No actor bashing.

We know that some of you really don't like certain characters or actors, and that's fine. But there will be no bashing of any kind. Sure, you can say "I'm not a fan of so-and-so," because we're all entitled to our opinions.

3. Keep the swearing to a minimum

We're not all kids here, I know a lot of HSM fans are in their 20s or older, but some of our younger group members might not appreciate the swearing. We're not going to censor anyone, but keep in mind that there are younger eyes here.

4. We welcome discussion of any ship!

That means Troy/Gabriella as well as Chad/Ryan or Ryan/Sharpay. We don't discriminate here, and if you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself or don't join the group.

5. No unnecessary squee-ing and/or chatspeak and netspeak

We're all fangirls/boys here and we all tend to get excited, but please do not make posts that are: "OMG Zefron is lyke, sooooo HOTTT@!!!@!!111!! i luv him!!"

6. None of the following:
Fan fics
Other community advertising (unless approved by a mod)

There are groups for those. If you can't find them, you're welcome to make a post looking for them, we're all here to help!


Others: jack_norrington/x_men_stills

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